Crusaders replace their emblem after the terror attack in Christchurch

The Crusaders, who were winners of Super Rugby for 10 times, have unveiled a new logo. The renovation of the club’s badge is said to be driven by the terror attack on the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch this March.

The Crusaders’ previous logo featured a knight with a sword, and many people believed that it should be replaced as the crusader may be associated with the religious enmity between Muslims and Christians in the Middle Ages. Also, there were propositions to change the team’s name but this idea hadn’t found much support.

For the new emblem of the Crusaders, Maori motifs were chosen. Featuring the Crusaders’ classic black and red, the logo, according to the team’s official statement, was inspired by the nature and traditions of the upper South Island of New Zealand – the team represents the Rugby Unions of this region. The updated identity is also made up with a slogan derived from the Maori folklore – “ma pango, ma whero, ka oti te mahi” that means “with black, with red, we’ll achieve”. As Grand Jarrold, the Crusaders chairman, said, the new brand comprehensively reflects the team’s spirit and advocates the idea of the social equity and national unity.

At the same time, the presented logo has been made fun of in social media as it may remind male genitalia. Named the worst design job ever, it has earned such descriptions as “homage to frottage” and “two kissing penises”.

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