Vox Media launches a new geometric figures-based logo

Vox Media, an independent modern media company, taking the leading position in its sphere, has updated the company corporate logo. The new look is developed by Triboro, New York-based design studio, together with Vox Media’s internal design team.

There were two reasons for identity renovation. The first one was wish of the company to show the rapid evolution of the brand, and the second reason was the merger with New York Media, an inventive multi-platform company.


According to Vox Media, they tried to create a simple and at that expressive mark, which would not upstage diversified logos of their massive editorial portfolio, but would show the company growth in the media industry. During the past a few years, Vox Media has had many extensive structural changes. Founded in 2005 as SportsBlogs, a digital publisher, Vox Media has grown into a modern media company, that also builds products for supporting media businesses. The issue of logo revamping arouse in early 2019, the existing mark looked rather dated, so the company decided to reflect the gained achievements and future plans and ideas in the refreshed graphics.

The design centerpiece are the letters making the word Vox, which can also be presented in simple geometric figures. V stands for a triangle, the rest two ones — for a circle and a square respectively. The new custom typeface, created by Triboro, looks more modern and meaningful.