Newark introduces new identity

Having amounted the population number of 50,000, Newark and the Licking County, Ohio, show signs of good development dynamics that could attract visitors and businesses. This has become a background for the city’s identity issue which the authorities have been attending to. To give a fresh look to Newark, the municipal officials and the Licking County Chamber of Commerce created the nonprofit institution Newark Development Partners, and this team have eventually forged a new city emblem and other materials that are going to improve Newark’s promotion programs.

The new logo is based on the rich heritage and history of the city, while reflecting its well-known landmarks in a more modern way. Here, the main element is a rising sun that can be regarded not only as a symbol of a new era for Newark – one can see in its inner circle the Earthworks of Newark, a complex that was built by the people of the Hopewell culture in the beginning of the first millennium CE, and used as a place of social gathering, worship and ceremony. Also, the rays of the sun remind the clock on the Licking County Courthouse.
According to the Newark Development Partners representatives, the city’s old brand was lacking clearness, featuring vague outlines of the Newark Earthworks and the slogan “Land of Legend – Past and Future” which were nondescript for people. But the new brand is expected to add some recognizability to Newark, welcoming tourists and instilling sense of pride into residents.

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