Sedgwick County Zoo presents a Kansas lion logo

Founded in 1971, the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, is a popular tourist site. It has more than 3000 animals of 400 different species. Holding the first place among the outdoor attractions in the state and increasing the number of visitors, the zoo is carrying out a rebranding now. As a part of changing the identity, a new logo has been presented.

While creating the logo, design studio Gardner Design did much work, studying different zoo logos. The designers came to the conclusion that almost all of them don’t tell anything about their locations. So, the team decided that a new logo for the Sedgwick County Zoo has to include a local symbol.
Ultimately, the studio proposed several sketches, and a logo with a lion muzzle was found the most appropriate. Although Kansas has no lions in the wild, designer Brian Wiens calls the lion he has created a Kansas lion as he wanted something to reflect the spirit of the state. Apart of this, the lion is still considered as the king of animals – so who else can represent a zoo? It symbolizes honor, strength, integrity and leadership. On the logo, the lion has a mane as petals of sunflower that is a real, traditional symbol of Kansas. Both elements of the logo perfectly fit each other, and brown and yellow make it sunshiny and cheerful.