Trainline has got a new visual identity

Trainline, till 2015 branded, the leading UK online provider of rail tickets, has changed its visual identity. Trainline’s main offices are located in London, Paris and Edinburgh. It is included in the list of the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Established in 1997 by the Virgin Group, today the company presents an independent digital rail and coach platform. The company started selling tickets online since 1999 and has become popular not only in the UK, but also in Europe and worldwide. It’s very convenient easy to use service, allowing you to purchase tickets for a variety of European and global rail operators by telephone, as well as through Trainline’s website and specially developed application, available on different platforms, i.e. iOS, Windows Phone and the most widespread OS Android. The mobile app allows to trace live departure information, buy mobile tickets and perform journey planning with noticeably less hassle. Trainline says: “We want to be your first-choice mobile app.” Along with that, Trainline offers its costant customers loyalty cards or vouchers with e-ticket support.


The company new logo consists not only of a wordmark, unlike its predecessor of the 2015 year, when a more considerable rebranding was done, but includes a simple green symbol, that resembles a combination of a heart and interlinking journeys. The typeface of the mark was not changed, but the colour got a darker green hue and slightly differs from the former “clean and fresh” mint shade. To make the new logo look more positive a tick was added. Besides, the updated logo reflects the motto of the company “We are a business with heart.”


According to the company’s statement, Trainline’s mission is to help people travel smarter. The service offers customers an opportunity to make their train travel more modern and flexible. It saves their customers money by an option of buying tickets in advance and permits to have real time travel updates during their journeys. All the done renovations in the company aims to prove the Trainline’s slogan: “We’ve come from the web but we’re mobile at heart.”

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