Eurovision 2020: All the flags in one logo

As the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence with the song “Arcade” won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel-Aviv, the next edition of the song festival will take place in Rotterdam in May of 2020. While the participating countries are going to choose who will represent them in the Netherlands, the contest’s Oversight Committee has unveiled the identity for the event.

It should be mentioned that in Rotterdam, the Eurovision Song Conest will be celebrating its 65th anniversary, so the emblem for the 2020 ESC edition is dedicated to its history and described as “data-driven”. The logo, carried out by Clever Franke, a Utrecht-based design studio, looks quite colorful and abstract. The base idea about it was the fact that the competition unites many countries and discovers new talents, being, each time, a bright show using modern technologies. So, we can see a showy vignette with the sectors representing all the participating countries – with the colors of their flags – arranged by the year of joining the European Broadcasting Union.

While calling up with its circular form the emblems of the previous ESC events hosted by Holland in 1970, 1976 and 1980, the 2020 ESC logo follows the principles of the Dutch art with its minimalism, simplicity and intellectuality.
The idea of inclusivity is also expressed by the tagline “Open Up”. Moreover, this theme was a starting point for the designers to make the whole identity. According to Thomas Clever, the studio’s director, they tried to create something that could be interpreted in different ways, characterized, at the same time, by transparency and modesty.

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