The Mora: Take a pause for luxury holiday

As one of the world’s leading players in the tourism industry, Germany’s TUI Group is striving to broaden its range of offerings and destinations. In line with this objective, the company has introduced a sub-brand intended to establish a presence in the luxury hotel market.

Named The Mora, this establishment situated in Zanzibar is centered around a concept of hospitality that aims to offer travelers more than just a change of scenery. Additionally, the brand is positioned as a source of energy that caters to individuals in their own unique ways. Set to open in spring 2024, The Mora targets tourists seeking high-end holidays tailored to their preferences.

The core concept behind the brand is to “follow your mood into the moment,” emphasizing a connection to reality and a genuine sense of presence as the foundation for an uplifting experience of disconnecting from the outside world. This idea is encapsulated in the name “The Mora,” derived from Latin, meaning “to pause,” which harkens back to the essence of taking a vacation.

Crafted by the esteemed DesignStudio, The Mora’s branding fully embodies this concept. Described on the studio’s project page as providing guests with “a framework to be filled according to their needs, wishes, and dreams,” the space is designed to cater to individual preferences.

The logo of The Mora features a customized typeface characterized by straight lines symbolizing modernity and curved connections representing relaxation and elegance. According to DesignStudio, this emblem encapsulates the ethos and values of The Mora. Complementing this style is a functional typography set comprising serif and sans-serif fonts meant to evoke emotions and a sense of wonder.

Building on the logo’s typography, the studio has developed outlines, a key visual element of the brand, which can be filled with various illustrations to signify different aspects of the resort’s ambiance. When combined, these icons create an impressive pattern that harmonizes with the logo.

Drawing inspiration from various times of day, the vibrant color palette of the visual identity provides subtle backdrops for the brand’s communications, with warm, natural tones fostering an atmosphere of comfort.

In general, DesignStudio has succeeded in crafting a truly luxurious brand identity for The Mora, steering clear of typical resort and holiday tropes. This thoughtful approach ensures that The Mora exudes a sense of equilibrium and allure.