City of Hays gets a new logo

The City of Hays, Kansas, has acquired a new logo. The emblem was presented on November 8th by the city’s mayor Toby Dougherty and the officials of the City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The new logo features a stylized yellow letter “h” accompanied by the wordmark “City of Hays”. It was created by Scott Gross, a local design specialist. In his work, Gross took into account the opinions of the city authorities and community members who gave him a hint that the logo should share a common trait with a sign of the Interstate 70 highway that goes through Hays, and such an element can be seen in the logotype’s rounded corners.
According to the designer, the logo has to symbolically reflect a new era in the life of the city. While the “h” on Hays’ main emblem is yellow, it will be in different colors for the letterheads of the city’s departments, for instance, the parks department will have green, public works will be marked off with an orange “h” and maroon will be for the Convention and Visitors Bureau.
After the logo appears on letterheads, digital resources and municipal vehicles, it will be incorporated into signages for the City Hall, Regional Airport and Aquatic Park. The whole process will last to the summer of 2020.