Soccer and the City

As the Major League Soccer announced its plan to expand to 30 teams last year, St. Louis has been preparing to launch its own expansion team. Initially, it was planned that a team from St. Louis would join MLS in 2022, but due to the coronavirus pandemic and the delay in the construction of the St. Louis soccer stadium, it may start playing in the league only in 2023. Waiting for the franchise’s debut in MLS, the ownership group has unveiled the club’s name and logo.

St. Louis City SC, the name for the team, was chosen in a vote from more than 6,000 fans, and pays tribute to the city’s soccer history that began from the St. Louis Soccer League in 1907. It also celebrates the diversity of St. Louis’ neighborhoods and rapid development in recent times.
As for the logo, it was created by a joint team of twenty local designers who, in their work, started from the opinions of different community members. So, it can be said that it reflects the spirit of pride and unity of the area.
The crest is created in the form of a shield with a curved edge on the top that is to represent the Gateway Arch, a recognized symbol of St. Louis. Inside, it contains the vertically oriented wordmark “St. Louis City” on the right side, while the lines on the left side are a representation of the confluence of Missouri and Mississippi at which the city is situated. With it, the “SC” on the bottom stands for “Soccer Club”, and it may also mean “Soccer Capital” as St. Louis received this nickname for its rich soccer traditions.

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