MAAM: Imagine the Unimagined

One of the oldest art schools in the United States, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt), is going to launch its own museum. The MassArt Art Museum, or MAAM, is planned to be opened in February 2020 on the territory of the college campus.

Projected as a “kunsthalle”, a museum without a permanent collection, MAAM, according to Lisa Tung, MassArt’s executive director, will be a unique gallery for the contemporary art in Boston, a place where visitors will be able to see the works of modern artists.

Forming MAAM’s identity, the administration of MassArt started collaborating with the Boston-based studio Moth Design to create a brand set for the museum, a place where people can “imagine the umimagined” – that was the key-note of Moth’s work.

While many contemporary art museums have black-and-white visual identities, MAAM needed something that would break this stereotype. First of all, the uncommonness of MAAM’s brand can be seen in its logotype with “no serif and no sans-serif”, featuring letters which as though are moving in space. The Moth designers and the museum’s officials paid particular attention to this font as an element representing the whole identity.

MAAM is positioned as an open and free place. So this doctrine has been expressed through a brand with vibrant motifs that are inviting people to the conversation of art.

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