Citroën introduces new logo

It seems that time has come for Citroën to update its visual identity again, five years later after the company facelifted its logo last time. The French carmaker is going to adopt a brand-new design with a remastered logo.

Since this June, pictures featuring Citroën’s changed emblem have been appearing on the web. The new version of the iconic chevrons, much simplified, is now used for the social media accounts of the manufacturer. In Twitter, for instance, it has been integrated as an icon of Citroën France.

The brand’s slogan “Citroën, inspired by you” has also been removed. Spots are added to Citroën’s francophone Twitter that features a monochrome animated version of the chevrons.

Citroën hasn’t published an official press release on the redesign yet. And it is certainly worth to be reported as it concerns not only the trademark, but also the wordmark.


The trademark introduced in 2016 and the wordmark that has been used since 2009 are giving way to a flat “double corner” sign as well as an all-caps lettering in the corporate typeface Citroen. The company has been using the font for many years, and now it is integrated into the Citroën logo. In different versions of the emblem which have so far been unveiled, the wordmark is placed to the right or to the left of the chevrons. Unlike the previous emblem, the new one can be displayed in different colors – versions in black, white, red and blue have already been presented.