Rebranding Vonage: Style for technology

Launched in 2001, Vonage is an IT-company providing communication services via the Voice over Internet Protocol. It has over 2.5 million users in the US, UK and Canada. Unlike the similar companies, Vonage provides its customers with special adapters that, while connected to Internet, allow to use ordinary phones as VoIP-phones. Not exactly a successful IPO and several lawsuits over patents led the company to a B2B strategy. Changing its business policy, it introduced new services improving interacting of different enterprises and their clients.

Along with technical innovations, Vonage is renewing its identity now. The new look of the company has been created by the London-based design studio Wolff Olins that worked with such business giants like Google and Uber. According to the studio’s designers, they tried to originate an integral image that would unify the company’s traditions and modern technologies. The refreshed brand reflects Vonage’s readiness for changes to keep leading positions and comprehensively tell developers about the qualities and abilities of the firm.

Although the Vonage new logo is rather simple, it may be considered as an excellent design product. Featuring a plain wordmark, it, nevertheless, look quite cool with the separate “V” and its shadow treatment. The wordmark’s “V” and “A” follow the style of the monogram with the rounded corner – that element is also incorporated into other features of the brand design.