Re-merged Viacom and CBS present a logo combining their names

After 48 years, CBS and Viacom are together again. With the deal signed on December 4th, both companies have put a period to the saga initiated by National Amusements, their parent entity, that was encouraging them to re-merge since 2016. The new combined company has got the combined name “ViacomCBS” with a similar logo.

The logo features a lettering representing a combination of the names of the two companies, where the “C” in “CBS” overlaps “VIACOM”’s “M” with a kind of cut-out – and that’s one of the interesting details about this emblem. Another remarkable thing is that it is carried out in two hues of blue, and the darker shade for “Viacom” reminds the design for the lower thirds on some Viacom channels. Similarly, the “CBS” hue follows the colors used, for instance, on WCBS in New York or WBBM in Chicago – both channels belong to CBS.
In addition, the “VIACOMCBS” is designed in the all-caps Gotham typeface that connects it with the CBS lettering which was used along with the media company’s classic eye logotype – however, this iconic symbol hasn’t been incorporated into the new combined emblem unlike the Comcast logo that inherited the “peacock” after Comcast had acquired NBCUniversal from General Electric.
At the same time, some experts believe that the ViacomCBS logo is far from being ideal, and the company may change it as soon as the business resumes its natural course.

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