A t-shirt design becomes a logo for Kansas City

Last year, the Kansas City Area Development Council announced plans to change the city’s regional brand. Different concepts of it were discussed during several months. Finally, the organization settled on the KC Heart depicted on the branded t-shirts of the apparel company Charlie Hustle.

KCADC had some doubts that Charlie Hustle would agree to make its brand a logo for the city, but Chase McAnulty, the company’s CEO, accepted a collaboration proposal from the organization with great pleasure, and after an agreement had been signed, Kansas City’s new emblem was presented to the public. According to the agreement, the city institutions can broadly use the logo for free, but Charlie Hustle keeps a right to ban using it for apparel and other merchandises.

The KC Heart logo is expected to be an all-embracing emblem that will contribute to attract tourists and businesses to the city as a heart can also be considered as a welcoming symbol of cordial hospitality. Apart from this, it perfectly matches the old Kansas City slogan “Heart of America” referring to its geography, and the KC abbreviation can be a tribute to the KC Monarchs baseball team who played from 1920 to 1965.
Although KCADC is still scheduling the steps for the implementation of the KC Heart logo, several organizations have indicated their willingness to incorporate it into their signages.