Radio France: New campaign, new look

Radio France, a French broadcasting public company, has presented a new branding as well as new programming logos as it is launching a nationwide campaign.

The French broadcaster is currently expanding its digital offerings, promoting them with a special campaign. Under the motto “Entrez libre” (“Enter freely”), the company is planning to create, on the platform, an alternative to the media services which became popular in recent years, as an official press release says. “Entrez libre” is an invitation for listeners to discover the lively worlds of seven radio channels and four musical communities, according to Radio France. An advertising campaign was launched on January 3rd in the metropolitan areas of Paris, Lille, Marseilles, Lyon, Toulouse and Nice as well as online in the form of video pre-rolls and banners.

Against this background, the broadcaster has entirely revised its visual identity. All the brands and programs affiliated with the company will receive new logos. The Radio France logo itself is has been redesigned as well.

The company’s previous emblem was introduced in 2017. Being simply a wordmark, its design was much different from the square-shaped logos of the regional Radio France stations. Announcing a rebranding, Radio France brings back the symbol it had twenty years ago. The sign, called “Opening” or “Luke” by the company, was considerably renovated, symbolizing an open window inviting to the Radio France world. The emblems of the network’s stations were simplified but kept their basic forms.

An unusual form is a very valuable quality in terms of branding. An emblem doesn’t have to be “self-explaining, it should be catchy. And “Luke” certainly is. While being correctly formed, designed in a template style and trimmed to better be variable, it demonstrates everything to be a modern logo.

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