NASA reveals a “Woman on the Moon” logo for the Artemis program

In March 2019, NASA  launched a program aiming to bring man to the Moon again. But it deals not only with men. It is planned that a landing mission that is going to start in 2024 will include a woman. To emphasize this fact, the space agency named the program Artemis after the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness and the Moon. Also, she is a twin sister of Apollo, and that symbolically refers to the NASA Moon program in 1969-1972.

Recently, NASA has unveiled a new logo for the Artemis program. It was presented by the agency’s chief administrator Jim Bridenstine at the SPACE & STEM conference. According to Mr. Bridenstine, Artemis is something that reflects Moon space missions even better than Apollo did. The logo represents a symbolic image of Artemis with abstract features formed by the shadows and highlights alongside with outlines of the Moon. The white circle that borders the image looks like a space helmet, while the curved lines remind a rocket trajectory. Partly, the new emblem was inspired by the Apollo program logotype which included a depiction of the god Apollo.

The female theme is also important here. However, NASA hasn’t determined yet which astronauts will take part in the mission. Supposedly, Jessica Meir and Christina Koch who are currently on ISS have decent chances to be the first woman on the Moon.