Fuchsia OS is about to get new logo


The Fuchsia OS has a special place in the range of the Google products. Many people hardly ever heard about this operating system due to the status of the project. And certainly, Fuchsia’s logo is not so recognizable as, for instance, the logos of Android or Chrome which were developed by Google too.

Discovered on GitHub five years ago, the open-source OS still seems to be in the process of enhancement. And its current emblem, while representing a whimsical lopsided figure colored in fuchsia, accordingly to the operating system’s name, doesn’t have a clear meaning directly connected with Fuchsia itself . So it’s reasonable to assume that the OS could receive a different visual identity as it gets more sophisticated.

This suggestion can be supported by a trademark application filed by Google to USPTO on July 3rd. Although the entry doesn’t contain any information mentioning the OS, the design of the logo as well as the description, telling it is “intended to cover the categories of operating system software”, allow us to associate it with Fuchsia.

Just like the current Fuchsia emblem, the logotype resembles the infinity sign, featuring, in addition, thin curve lines. The fact that the twisted stroke isn’t closed, looking like an “f” (and that is clearly stated in the application), can be considered as another pointer to Fuchsia.

While the trademark entry offers an uncolored version, the logo, for sure, will be presented in color. Most probably, it will receive its customary fuchsia. Also, it’s not ruled out that Google will apply its branded red-yellow-blue-green color scheme to it.