National Instruments rebrand as NI, rolling out new logo

Maybe, not so many people heard about National Instruments, but, every day, we meet such names as 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G. All of these mobile technologies were created with use of the means developed by NI. Incidentally, the abbreviation “NI” became widely used among the engineering society and turned into a kind of a brand. That’s why the company made a decision to officially rebrand itself as NI.
It is worth to mention that the rebranding was preceded by a wide-scale reorganization of the company. National Instruments were divided into several units, and new divisions for machine learning, data analysis and other directions were established. And such changes required a refreshment of the corporation’s outer image.

The brand overhaul process started under the motto “Engineer Ambitiously”. According to NI’s CEO Eric Starkloff, this message has to bring inspiration not only for the company’s specialists but also for engineers from other enterprises, while urging them to create ambitious, advanced and original projects. In addition, this slogan emphasizes an importance of engineering in the present day to solve the world’s new problems.
While the new name make the company more modern, fitting the ideas of global inclusivity, the new logo features the white NI initials, combining right and rounded corners, in a field of light green which is NI’s corporate color now. As an official statement from the company says, this design is intended to tell about a balance of “hard and soft” that means hardware and software or even rationality and creativity.