Toyota flattens its emblem

The automaker has recently presented its new logo designed to be fitted mainly for digital materials. Like other car manufacturers before, Toyota has opted for the flat design and simplicity. The emblem keeps its three ellipses, but has rid off the 3D forms.

According to a press-release from Toyota, the new visual identity look simple and has been shaped around four principles: experimental ideas, affordability with a premium look and feel and consistency between all the variations of the brand.
Much appreciated by brands for several years, the flat design has become preferable for being easily adaptable to web requirements of mobility, speed, and lightness. Its simple shapes without effects of texture and volumes allow a good readability of the text and make it a real value of the contemporary graphics.

Available on social media and mobile apps, the new brand look is accompanied by a new typeface called Toyota Type. The signages of the Toyota offices will be changed by 2025. Toyota claims this visual identity marks a step in the transition to the digital era as the company continues to develop its online sales system in Europe. The design has been overhauled in order to have a better communication with the customers of the company.
The 3 ellipses of the Toyota logo were imagined at the end of the 1980s. According to the manufacturer, they symbolize “the union of the consumer and the soul of the product”.