Love Cyprus: New visual identity for the island of Aphrodite

Cyprus, the third largest island of the Mediterranean, has got a new visual identity for the touristic brand. While presenting a new touristic web-site, the officials from the Cyprian State Department of Tourism said that Cyprus can show more than just the sun and sea. Since now, the island’s communications with the world will be built in a different way, more openly, deliberately and thoroughly.

According to the deputy of the Minister of Tourism of Cyprus Savvas Perdios, the era when the sun and sea have been the identity of Cyprus’ touristic brand, comes to an end. Instead, Cyprus will be an island that offers a lot of authentic experiences.

Cyprus’ new brand concept along with a proper visual identity have been developed for the first time in 15 years. The new design is very flexible, and can be adapted to a wide range of services and target groups. “We want to use this identity to show the world that tourists can discover more. Cyprus unites the experiences of the Mediterranean and offers an amazing diversity of cultures, ethnic groups and people”, Perdios said.

Replacing the orange emblem with a symbolic figure of Aphrodite and the “Cyprus in your heart” slogan, introduced in 2006, the new touristic logo inherited only the heart symbol from the previous design. The heart is formed as a “V” in the two-line wordmark “LOVE” with overlapping letters. So “Love Cyprus” is both a logo and a slogan. It can be displayed in different colors (a color inversion is possible as well).

At the same time, the emblem received negative opinions from people online. They pointed out that it doesn’t reach its goal of the separation of the touristic product from the sun and sea, having an unclear design. The officials were also criticized for rolling out the new visual identity in an inappropriate time when governments of many countries advise their citizens not to visit Cyprus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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