Formula One presents a logo for its 70th anniversary

The first race of Formula 1 took place at the Silverstone Circuit on May 13th 1950. The event that featured 23 was won by Giuseppe Farina for the Alfa Romeo team. While going to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2020, on the first day of the new year, the F1 Administration released a statement presenting a new logotype marking 70 years of the FIA F1 World Championship.

The main anniversary logo represents the number “70” designed in the “racing track” style of the official F1 emblem. It is accompanied by the stylized lettering “BORN 1950”. Another version is a combination of the F1 logo and the wordmark “SEVENTY” with the same design. The new symbols, which are planned to be rolled out on social media and the F1 app on January 6th, will be conspicuous throughout the 2020 season.

The 2020 F1 schedule is the busiest in its history as it includes 22 races, the first of which, the Australian Grand Prix, will start on March 15th on the Melbourne Circuit. The most important intrigue of the upcoming season will revolve around the possible seventh title of Lewis Hamilton that may allow him to catch up with his Mercedes mate Michael Schumacher. However, his triumph may be prevented by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who aims at achieving the championship for the fifth time, or Max Verstappen representing Red Bull.