Liberty Travel presents a new logo celebrating its roots

Established in 1951, Liberty Travel is a travel and cruise company that, from its beginning, pioneered in offering transportation, hotel accommodation and other services for a single price. The company’s service and pricing innovations made traveling more affordable not only for the wealthy, but also for ordinary people. While going to celebrate its 70th anniversary next year, the agency has unveiled a new logo paying tribute to its heritage.

Although Liberty Travel is now headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, it started from an office in New York’s Time Square. These are its roots and connection with New York the company decided to reflect in its updated emblem featuring a map pin with a flame on the top. The combination of the company’s name and the logo’s symbols creates a sort of a game of images and meanings as the flame refers to the Statue of Liberty, and as a Liberty Travel press-release says, all of this represents the connection between freedom and travel as well as the agency’s ability to connect people and places.

In its corporate blog, the company also shared the history of its logos beginning from 1976. As we can see, Liberty Travel first adopted the iconic red wordmark as early as 1994 and subsequently changed, from time to time, the hues and slope of the lettering, and complemented it with some additional elements. The new logo iteration inherits the previous version’s letterforms and color tint.