Kawasaki adopts River Mark as brand logo

The Japanese motorcycle brand Kawasaki has adopted a new logo which, actually, was used earlier for corporate purposes. The so-called “River Mark” will from now on serve as the main symbol of both the recently created Kawasaki Motors Ltd. and motorbike trademark Kawasaki.

For many in Japan, Kawasaki is another word for a motorcycle. The brand is backed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. which has continuously been growing since its inception in 1878. The business group is also involved in shipbuilding, aerospace engineering, civil and industrial construction.

A couple of weeks ago, the corporation announced that it would manage its motor branch through a separate company named Kawasaki Motors Ltd. The division is given more autonomy keeping in mind the special “business-to-customer” characteristics of the enterprise.


The River Mark was used in the key moments of the company’s history, being applied to a limited range of products, though. Presenting its new visual identity based on this symbol, Kawasaki is willing to make another bold step on the way of technology and engineering to improve people’s lives worldwide, according to the brand’s statement. As Kawasaki Motors managing director Masaya Tsuruno said, the River Mark is a decent symbol for such an aspiration.

The round seal derives from the Japanese hieroglyph “kawa” meaning a river. Lately, the sign was used for the Kawasaki Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R motorcycles launched in 2015.

As for the red K logo, it stays an emblem of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

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