Dustin: Unstoppable moving

Founded in 1984, the Swedish brand Dustin started as small company selling hardware devices over mail order. Over time, through a number of acquisitions, it turned into an international firm with subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. As of today, Dustin, with a stuff of over 1,800 workers, offers its products to businesses and ordinary customers. To emphasize its growth, the brand has recently updated its identity.

Dustin’s new look was forged by the Stockholm-based international agency Kruppa Hosk. The design project under the motto “We keep things moving” aimed to create a brand identity that would reflect the company’s aspiration to help their business clients be leaders in their fields of activity.

As Dustin has transited from transactional sales to a new strategy making the company a service provider with a wide range of services and products, its visual brand is to convey its all-encompassing activity in the IT-sector. This guiding idea has resulted in a new brand platform uniting Dustin’s heritage and development prospects. The renovated imagery includes new typography, iconography, coloring, logo as well as new design and fonts for the company’s digital materials, and is distinguished with connectedness, expressiveness and vigor.
As for the logotype, it is in keeping with the brand’s “moving” slogan, featuring an arrow-like triangle inside a hexagon which itself tells about technology and dynamism. Additionally, the logo figure looks like a “D”, being in accordance with the wordmark with letterforms combining right angles and curves.