Fiorentina unveils new logo

Playing in Italy’s Serie A, ACF Fiorentina has unveiled its new visual identity, aiming to create a global brand and fully use the uniqueness, heritage and history of one of the world’s most prominent football clubs.

Fiorentina presented its new look, with which the club will play beginning from the 2022/2023 season, last Friday, the next day after Italy’s national team failed to qualify for the final stage of the World Cup for the second time. The new identity is intended to make Fiorentina fit more for the digital future, and attract and inspire the global audience, as a press release says.

Along with the updated logo and a new visuality language, the team also published a kind of a manifesto, calling for returning to the old good values. “We love football, true. We struggle for the revival of football”, the club said. The declaration also emphasizes Fiorentina’s aspiration to differentiate itself from other clubs. With the team’s new slogan “Play To Be Different”, the aspect will receive special attention at the official presentation when the next season starts.

The red iris, Fiorentina’s symbol, was changed several times throughout the club’s history. In the current season, the team are playing with a round logo on their jerseys as it was in 1980. The club has long demonstrated a “reminiscence” trend, while its emblem has always referred to the coat of arms of Florence, known as the Giglio Fiorentino, with a stylized red iris.

Fiorentina’s new logo, based on a square form, features a remarkably cornered red iris, reminding the emblem the club adopted in 1951. The new form strengthens the visual structure that has always distinguished the team’s previous logos, while the logo itself offers better visibility for digital media. With this, the ultimate simplification of the colors, fonts and forms also improves the quality of the depiction in a small size.

Below the red fleur-de-lis, we can see a violet “V”. Both the color and the letter are parts of Fiorentina’s traditional symbolism. It is supported by the club’s new training ground, formed as a “V”, in the planned Viola Park.

According to the team’s management, the current logo will be used until the end of the season, after that it will be replaced with the new emblem. The visual identity was created in cooperation with the design agency FutureBrand. The club also thanks to the Museum of Florence for “researching the logos and irises that symbolize ACF Fiorentina”.

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