Honda introduces new logo for its next-gen EVs

Honda has announced that its new models will feature a redesigned “H” logo. This innovation is set to debut in 2026 when the Japanese automaker releases the next generation of 100% electric vehicles.

Many car brands are opting for new visual identities, and Honda’s new design is particularly intriguing as it incorporates elements from the company’s original 1961 logo. The trend of incorporating old features into new logos has been observed in recent times, with brands like Pepsi, Blueberry, and Barbie following suit. With the revamped Honda emblem, the brand has eliminated the border that once framed the “H” and abandoned its chrome appearance in favor of a simpler and flatter version. This update provides a clearer outline for the symbol, featuring more angular corners.

While the symbol pays homage to Honda’s vintage aesthetic, the modernized design is also a celebration of the brand’s advancements in e-mobility technology. The new “H” logo will likely be used exclusively for Honda’s next-generation electric vehicles, including models from the Honda Zero series. Additionally, the Zeros were introduced with a special animated version of the emblem, showcasing the transformation of the “H” into a “0”.

It is understandable that the automaker’s new all-electric phase necessitates a fresh logo. The first Zeros, including the Saloon and the Space-Hub, were recently revealed at the 2024 Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas. The Saloon, with its futuristic design, can be described as a sedan built on a unique platform, offering a low, wide, and spacious configuration. This model represents a significant advancement in exterior and interior design, as well as technology for steering and control management.

The Space-Hub, a minivan named for its flexible space that can accommodate various passengers, functions as a “hub” connecting people. Like the Saloon, it also showcases design elements that seem inspired by science fiction, featuring a sleek exterior and a lounge-style rear cabin area.

The Japanese car brand has not explicitly explained the rationale behind the emblem’s design. The official press release about the electric vehicles only mentions that the brand’s traditional logo symbolizes outstretched hands, representing Honda’s commitment to improving mobility and meeting the needs of its enthusiasts. It remains unclear whether this logo will exclusively identify the Zero series or if it will also be used alongside the company’s corporate branding, which is a possibility that cannot be ruled out.

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