Disney+ unveils new green logo called Aurora

Disney+ has officially presented its new logo, different from what the service’s subscribers are accustomed to seeing. The branded blue color has been changed to a greenish hue reminding the colors of Hulu, a service which will soon be integrated into Disney+.

Judging on users comments online, the remake appeared to be a controversial thing. Some see it as a pointless simplification, while others appreciate the uniqueness of the design, compared to other streaming services. And there are also those who ask if the color is really changed or they just didn’t pay attention to it.

Actually, the new version has been nicknamed Aurora and represents a kind of a double tribute: on one hand, to aurora borealis, known as northern lights, on the other hand, to Sleeping Beauty, Disney’s 1959 animated film.

Moreover, Disney+ has also presented a musical track for the logo, composed by Ludwig G√∂ransson, a composer who took part in Mandalorian, Black Panther, Tenet, and other films. And apart from this, his latest success is an Oscar for a soundtrack for Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

Frankly, the change of the color might be a disappointment for nostalgic fans of Disney, who associate Royal Blue with Cinderella’s castle and the iconic orchestral introduction from the beloved films of their childhood.

However, this is a reasonable move in terms of branding, because the new version excellently stands out from multiple black-and-blue logos you can often see in the entertainment segment. Currently, the rebranding concerns only the logo, as the Disney+ app still retains blue and gray tones.

Marked with this new identity, the integration of Hulu is the last move of the saga which began from the acquisition of 20th Century Fox (Hulu’s former majority stakeholder) by Disney in 2019. Early this year, the company bought out the rest of the stakeholders to assume total control of the platform. The new visual identity can, so far, be seen only by Disney+’s audience in the U.S. according to the service, the refreshment will soon appear in the brand’s apps aboard as well.

In 2023, Disney+ was far from being successful, as the company lost over 1 million subscribers through increasing subscription prices. This year, they hope to stabilize the situation and increase the number of their users to 5 millions.