Google is about to replace Gmail logo

For a number of years, Google has systematicly been changing the logos for its online services, making a consistent visual brand range. Now it’s time for Gmail as the company has released a teaser demonstrating the outlines of the upcoming Gmail logo.

While the teaser can’t be considered as an official announcement, it’s worth noting that the Gmail emblem is a rare Google logo which doesn’t maintain Google’s yellow-red-blue-green color palette. So, it won’t be a big surprise if Google’s mail service will officially receive a new logotype to be more coherent with the other products of the company.
As you can see, Google’s teaser tells nothing about the coloring as it shows an uncolored drawing. The logo will likely represent a big “M”, but without the envelop motif. Judging on the sketch, it will look flat, featuring more rounded corners, and that corresponds more with the style of the Google logos.

Most likely, the color scheme for the new Gmail logo will be kept in secret until the official release. But we can imagine the possible design if we take a look at the recently changed emblems of the Maps, Photos, Ads or One.
Also, users may expect that, along with the Gmail icon, Google will update the service itself, all the more so because the company announced earlier that it would implement the Meet service into the Gmail apps for Android and iOS as a dedicated section.