Groupe Renault rebrands as Renault Group, rolling out new visual identity

Renault Group, that owns such car brands as Renault, Dacia, Lada, Alpine and Mobilize, has received a new visual identity. The refreshed look has to convey the manufacturer’s newly defined corporate goal.

Renault Group introduced its new logo as a part of the Annual general meeting. According to the company’s representatives, Renault is in the process of transformation, and with the new name and proper visual identity, the management is setting the goal to strengthen the group’s profile. As the automaker’s press-release says, mobility for addressing social issues is important now than ever before, and now the company’s power and dynamism depend on the strategy oriented to meet the contemporary challenges.

Positioning itself as an international group, the company officially adopted the English name “Renault Group” instead of “Groupe Renault” in French. This change is mirrored in the Renault Group logo designed in the custom Renault Bold typeface which will be used as an additional corporate font from now. At the same time, the manufacturer said that, even with the new name, Renault will proudly keep its French heritage, staying true to its DNA and its past.

Along with the new wordmark logo, the company also developed a monogram featuring “RG”, that replaces the old GR emblem. With its vibrant design, it is intended to remind a beating heart. This version will be used as a profile icon in social media and as an adaptive logotype on the Renault website.

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