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In spite of the fact that the Italian football club ACF Fiorentina has modified its logo not less than ten times throughout its more than 90-year history, its central symbol has always been the same – a red fleur-de-lis on a white background.

Meaning and history

Fiorentina Logo history

The reason why the football club opted for the fleur-de-lis was pretty simple – it has been a long-time symbol of the city of Florence where the team has been based ever since its inception in 1926. Both the flag and the coat of arms of Florence comprise a red fleur-de-lis on a white background.

Fiorentina logo


Fiorentina Symbol

While the earliest Fiorentina logo (1926-1950s) looked exactly as the emblem of Florence, the club then decided to modify it to make it more unique. So, the second version looks simpler; there’re fewer details than on the original one.


Fiorentina Emblem

The logo Fiorentina adopted in the 1960s has more elements, and yet it still looks minimalistic in comparison with the first emblem. Another version comprised the city of Florence’s emblem placed over the letters “AFC.” In 1980, the club owner Flavio Pontello unveiled a badge where the fleur-de-lis merged with a large “F.”


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While the colors of the city of Florence, red and white, have been present on the emblem since the club’s inception, the current badge also featured purple and gold.