The Most Trending Handbag Colors in 2024

The Most Trending Handbag Colors

The main accessory of any woman’s closet has long been a bag, so to its choice, ladies approach especially carefully. The ideal bag should correspond to the current fashion trends, be of good quality, and have adequate capacity, of course, if we are not talking about evening options.

Speaking of handbag sizes, there is now such a distinction between large and small bags. Both sizes remain in trend. Here you can choose based on your individual needs and desires. But hypertrophied small bags are finally out of fashion.

Apparently, changing bags from season to season is not necessary, as today’s trends are becoming more and more stable. And black, white, and brown bags will always be relevant. But sometimes you want something new and fresh! And just in 2024, designers gave ladies such an opportunity, because the actual colors for handbags this season are very gentle and light, with a few exceptions. Such bags will be able to dilute even the most basic outfit and lift the mood of their lucky fashionista owner.


Gray Handbag

Gray became a trending color for handbags back in 2023 and is not going to give up its position at all. Bags of this color claim to be a classic, along with black, white, and beige. Gray handbags are very versatile and will be the perfect choice for both the weekend and every day. This color can complement an outfit of almost any color scheme, and what’s more – gray bags are absolutely out of season! So we think it’s a great choice for years to come.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue Handbag

Delicate and light sky-blue color claims primacy in the main trends of 2024, and this applies not only to bags. Total bow in this shade will make you a real style icon. But if you’re not ready for such bold experiments, you can start with a light blue handbag, which will look great with both denim and strict office looks, perfectly shading your white shirt. This shade of blue also works wonderfully with light browns and beiges.

Soft Yellow

Soft Yellow Handbag

The bag of gentle yellow shade is another super-trend of this year, and just like with blue, this color can be present not only in accessories but also in clothes. This bag will not only cheer up a weekday, but will also become a stylish accent in any basic image, and will make you feel that vacation is just around the corner. Handbags in soft yellow colors will be the perfect complement to flying dresses and blouses, and strict office outfits will bring a missing note of romance.

Pearl White

Pearl White Handbag

Pearl white or ivory color is also incredibly popular for handbags in 2024. It will be a perfect replacement for the already a bit boring beige and can dilute any bow – from casual to office and evening. Handbags in this shade look very elegant no matter what size or shape they are. Even a solid pearl white colored shopper will look chic and compliment its owner with its mere presence. And evening bags of this delicate color can be decorated with additional elements, such as chains; which are also very relevant today.

Wine Red

Wine Red Handbag

After being the main color of the season, adorning dresses and shoes, red is now spreading to accessories, especially bags. But in 2024, red has taken on a deeper, wine-red hue. You can choose any model: a capacious tote will dilute a business outfit, and a miniature handbag on a short handle will be a highlight in a festive look. A great accent color option that won’t go out of style for a long time to come. So we highly suggest adding a dash of Burgundy to your closet.