Cologne Cathedral gets its first-ever logo

There are a lot of institutions in Cologne, Germany, whose logos depict the famous Cologne Cathedral – from the city’s administration to the fire department. The cathedral’s two towers are just omnipresent in the Rhineland’s capital. One more “Domspitzen” logo appeared a few days ago, and this is the first-ever logo of the Cologne Cathedral itself.

Exactly three years ago, the Archdiocese of Cologne, that is a managing body for the cathedral, announced a competition for a corporate design which was won by the design agency Jäger&Jäger. Starting in late 2019, the agency has recently presented the result of its work.

The cathedral’s logo, made up of seven isosceles triangles, represents the western facade of the temple. The three lower triangles in gold form together a crown. Looking like a base of the construction, they symbolize the Three Kings whose remains, kept in a gold shrine, are the main relics of Germany’s most visited religious site. The two upper crimson triangles are a representation of the two towers, while the two triangles in the middle are a symbolic depiction of the towers’ reflection in the Rhine.

The emblem will gradually be placed in the building’s halls and rooms. It is already in use on the temple’s official website and in the printed materials available in the cathedral shop.

According to the Cologne Cathedral’s provost Guido Assmann, the logo excellently conveys the spirit of the “Kölner Dom”, embodying such values as uniqueness, timelessness and modernity through its perfectly drawn lines.