Bandai Namco updates its visual identity

Launched after a merger between Bandai and Namco 15 years ago, Bandai Namco Entertainment is the third-largest Japanese video game publisher after Sony Interactive Entertainment and Nintendo. The company’s product list includes such popular video game franchises as Pac-Man, Tekken, Ace Combat and Dark Souls. Beginning from April next year, the publisher’s products will appear under a new logo with a new tagline.

According to a press release of Bandai Namco’s parent company, the updated visual identity is created to embody its new development plan based on researches among focus groups and the company’s staff from around the world.

While Bandai Namco’s current emblem in yellow-and-orange tones was intended to reflect the integration of the two companies, the new logotype showcases a simpler and clearer design, representing a purple speech bubble (“fukudashi” in Japanese) with the company’s name in a black sans font inside. The speech bubble motif was taken from the Japanese manga culture and has to symbolize the brand’s aspiration to maintain connections with gamers across the world, inspiring them with amazing ideas. With this, the purple color (a mixture of red and blue) is to express the idea of diversity.

For corporate use, the logo will include the tagline “Fun for All into the Future” which is to tell Bandai Namco’s potential to share dreams, fun and inspiration. It will replace the brand’s current slogan “More Fun for Everyone”.