Argentina’s payment service rolls out a new visual identity

Changing its visual identity, the Argentinian fintech company Ualá has unveiled a new logo demonstrating a remarkable refinement in design that may be considered a good example of a modern rebranding. The visual refreshment is part of an encompassing repositioning that aims to make a leap, expanding in the region with over 25 million clients during the next five years.

Launched by Argentinian entrepreneur Pierpaolo Barbieri in 2017, Ualá offers a mobile app for managing MasterCard debit cards. The company technology allows cardholders to deposit money onto their cards, without applying to a bank. The Ualá card is a valid payment means for all shops and websites accepting MasterCard. Recently, the company has entered some other Latin American countries, like Mexico and Columbia.

The base element which was highlighted in the redesign is the Ualá symbol. Reminding the infinity sign, it is intended to reflect the diversity of the services offered by the company. While this sign was previously separated by gaps, the design is optimized now, with unbroken lines, and the proportions are improved through more compact sizes with less width. Reshaped, the symbol is more balanced, additionally reinforced by the wordmark.

Copying the shape of the sign, the tilde-formed accent over the final “a” in the “Ualá” gives way to a more geometric form that makes the wordmark more distinct. Overall, the letterforms are rounder so they can be used in different formats.

Besides the new Ualá logo, the rebranding includes a fresher color palette. The logo’s blue and red have become deeper. The whole gamma is represented in the brand’s visuals with a set of icons and a more mature typeface. Another aspect is that Ualá has received for the first time a sound identity allowing people to perceive the brand through more senses. All these changes can be seen in the communication means of the company, including the website, mobile app, and social media.