MasterCard Logo

MasterCard Logo
MasterCard Incorporated is one of the largest US financial services corporations. It is based in New York, while the Global Operations Headquarters are located in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Meaning and History logo

MasterCard Logo history

MasterCard was founded in 1966 as Interbank Card Association. The Interbank logo featured a circle shape – the fact that was probably taken into consideration when the Master Charge emblem was being created in 1969. The Master Charge logo incorporated two circles intersecting to form a third color. Inside, there was the name of the card followed by the words “The Interbank card”.
In 1979 the logo was given a facelift. The wordmark inside the emblem now read as “MasterCard”. In 1990 several minor changes were introduced. The letters were italicized, while the hues of the basic colors were changed. Also, stripes appeared at the intersecting parts of the circles. In 1996 the logo was modified again: the characters adopted a black border.

The 2006 symbol

MasterCard symbol
The 2006 redesign was probably the most prominent one in the history of the MasterCard logo. A new semi-transparent circle appeared on the emblem, while the colors were slightly modified.

The current emblem

MasterCard emblem
The most recent version of the MasterCard logo was unveiled in July 2016. It was created by Michael Bierut and Luke Hayman from an international multi-disciplinary design firm Pentagram. The new version preserves the two overlapping circles, which have been the highlight of the MasterCard logo for several decades. In contrast to the older logo featuring interlocking lines, the overlap is colored orange in the 2016 emblem. In fact, this looks very much like the 1979 MasterCard logo.
Also, the characters were lowercased, and the wordmark was moved beneath the circles, while in earlier versions it was placed inside. One of the reasons for this was probably the fact that the logo is actually recognizable without the need to mention the name of the company, so it was safe to lowercase it and move it to a less prominent position.


Font MasterCard Logo
The MasterCard logo incorporates the wordmark featuring the FF Mark type family. The typeface is minimalistic and clean. There are no unique elements: it’s all about legibility.


Color MasterCard Logo
The combination of red and orange has been a distinctive feature of the emblem since 1990. Prior to it, the overlapping circles looked almost the same, but the shade of red was darker, and the golden color was used instead of orange.