Quad City Mallards Logo

Quad City Mallards Logo

The Mallards franchise whose logo we are going to describe played in the Quad Cities, Illinois and Iowa, from 2009 to 2018. To their fans’ disappointment they ceased operations in 2018 when the season was over.

There used to be one more team with the same name, a member of the UHL from 1995 to 2007. The Mallards hockey team that appeared in 2009 as a member of the IHL was named as its predecessor.

Meaning and history

Quad City Mallards Logo history

In 2011 the franchise decided to refresh their logo. They used the color scheme of the previous Mallards brand but simplified it. There is only one shade of green in their logo and no blue. The result is a simple color palette (just black, white, green and a bit of orange) which is compensated by a conspicuous design.

Quad City Mallards emblem

Though it is a new logo, its main characteristic is a strong brand identity. Alongside with the color scheme the new Mallards franchise incorporated Mo Mallard, the mascot. But instead of a front-and-center placed duck we see an orange-billed mallard with a black face, a green head and black and white wings flying out of a black circle. There are two wordmarks written in white on the black background ‒ “Quad City” (above) and “Mallards” (below).