Kansas City Mavericks Logo

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Kansas City Mavericks LogoThe Kansas City Mavericks’ history dates back to 2009 when the club was founded. At that time this ice hockey team had the name the Missouri Mavericks.
Before the 2017-2018 season they changed their name to the Kansas City Mavericks. The fact is that Independence, Missouri, where the team is based, is a satellite city of Kansas City. Their intention was to identify themselves more clearly on a national level.

Logo History

Kansas City Mavericks Logo history

All the Mavericks’ logos are in line with their name ‒ they feature a horse. Their first logo which was in use from 2009 to 2014 is the image of a stallion on skates holding a hockey stick. The horse looks intense and aggressive. As a sign of their belonging to the state of Missouri there is its outline in the background. The wordmark “Mavericks” is placed below. The colors are light blue, orange, black and white ‒ a combination that is meant to attract attention.
Kansas City Mavericks emblem
The logo introduced in 2014 shows the horse’s head with an orange mane. It is framed by a circle with the word “Missouri” above and “Mavericks” below and two horseshoes on the sides.
The change of the name brought about just one revision in the logo of 2017 ‒ “Kansas City” instead of “Missouri”.