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NetApp, Inc. was established in 1992 in California, USA by a group of engineers of Auspex Company. The new firm began developing network-attached storage systems on the basis of data storage structure patented by two of its founders. The new product was the WAFL filing system which ensured for the company rapid growth, enabling it to reach the US $1 billion of revenue in 2001. Today NetApp Corporation is included in the list of five top companies in the world market of disc systems of data storage and solutions for data management and storage. Its net revenue for the year 2017 was at the level of US $5, 52 billion.

Meaning and history

Initially, the logotype of the company, used at the outset of its activity, was concise and straightforward: it was limited to the name of the brand which consisted of two halves “Net” and “App”, each beginning with a capital letter, nevertheless written in one word. There were two major versions of the wordmark; one was made in black letters on a white background, the other was in white on a black background.

Logo NetApp

In June 2013 a new official logotype was introduced, which is used until now. The logo had the name of the brand with the graphics taken from the previous logo, but this time it had an emblem over the wordmark. The new emblem was a square arch, the three sides of which were of the same width and much wider than the gap between its vertical sides. The emblem was located above the inscription containing the name of the brand; their lengths coincided while the height of the arch was about three times bigger than the letters of the inscription. The logo was associated with the qualities of the company’s data storage systems: “Simplicity. Insights. Speed.”

The font used for wordmark is the commercial Dienstag Black, although, with slightly modified graphics, both capital “N” and “A” are a bit condensed.  The emblem is made in cerulean blue colour and the wordmark is in black.