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Netapp is an American company founded in 1992 and based in California. This is one of the world leaders in the data management and cloud data business. They offer people to store their data in their servers, storage systems, computer networks, and hard discs, supporting various high-tech information protocols. Their products are equipped with the most reliable and modern information security components and high-speed information processing systems, able to collect extra-large information volumes.

Meaning and history

NetApp Logo history

Founded in 1992 by David Hitz, James Lau, and Micael Milcolm, Netapp was originally known as Netwok Appliance, Inc. They entered the market with their unique data operating system named ONTAP, used in most of their disc arrays until today. For the next years, the company has advanced its operations and prospered during the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s in the USA. In 2008, the company shortened its name to NetApp, referring to the nickname by which many people already knew them.

What is NetApp?
NetApp is an American company, located in San Jose, California. Their business is to store your data in extra fast and safe hard discs, storage systems, servers, and cloud data equipment. Their target audience is multinational corporations and agencies, which have to work with information. Since 1992, they’ve been developing high quality operational systems, computer networks, and protocols, able to store and process the information is large amounts.

1992 – today

NetApp Logo 1992

Initially, the corporate logotype was an image with the ‘NetApp’ inscription, placed above the company’s motto – ‘simplifying data management’. Above it, there was a square with a circular hole. In front of this square, the designers drew a circle. Both figures are visible from an angle. The whole logotype was drawn in a dark blue and white color palette, whereas the words and side parts of the figures were painted dark blue, while the background became white.

2013 – today

NetApp Logo

The next logotype features a symbol looking like a large angular arch, having bold bars. This image is supposed to remind an entrance into the new era of high-tech technologies of cloud data and supercomputers. Below it, we can see the brand’s nameplate and the new slogan – ‘go further, faster’.


NetApp Emblem

The original palette was composed of dark blue and white shades, whereas the blue was set for the name and sides of the figures, while white stood for the rest parts of the shapes and the background. The 2013 logo showed us the black nameplate and slogan, placed above a bright blue angular arch. All this was drawn on a white background.

In the 1990s the brand’s logo made an Image of a confident company, committed to perfection and excellence of its goods. In 2012, the focus was changed to simplicity, safety, openness, and speed. The shades were supposed to reflect this.


NetApp Symbol

The corporate font was renovated twice. The original typeface of the name had sans-serif semibold characters with small gaps in between. The vertical parts of the ‘p’ characters in the name were elongated, while the ‘e’ had an extended lower tail. The slogan had sans-serif letters with the first letters capitalized.

In the 2013 nameplate, we can see a bold script with widened characters. The ‘p’ and ‘e’ letters received shortened tails, while the ‘t’ symbol’s lower bar was extended. The ‘Go faster, further’ slogan had got a typical semibold typeface. It had lowercase letters (except for the first ‘g’) and small intervals between them.