Nestea Logo

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Nestea Logo

Nestea is a soft drink brand, created in 1948 by Nestle. The beverage is a flavored ice-tea, produced in several variations. The label is widely recognizable and distributed across the globe, being a joint venture of two powerful companies — Nestle and Coca-Cola.

Meaning and history

Nestea Logo history

The original Nestea logo was designed in 1950, based on the Nestle logotype with elongated horizontal tail on the letter “N”, going above the whole inscription, which was also underlined. In 1960 the brand changes its logotype’s typeface and all capital letters gained a bolder and more modern silhouette.

The redesign of 1979 brought a smooth and rounded font to the logo while in 1991 the three-leaf emblem was added. In 2003 the Nestea logo became colorful. The blue wordmark was placed on a light blue background, resembling ice and the three-leaf green emblem was located above the letter “S”.

The new typeface for Nestea was created in 2003. The font, based on Friz Quadrata Bold or URW Agenda, has smooth curved lines and looks sleek and modern.

Nestea Logo

The current Nestea logo is composed of the lettering in the typeface from 2003, placed on a blue-leaf background with the light green emblem above the letter “T”.

The white wordmark has a blue and green outline, which adds a friendly feeling and makes the logo look fresher and more eye-catching.