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Nesquik is a Swiss brand of an instant chocolate drink, established in 1948 by Nestle. The brand got its name in 1999 and today is one of the largest and most recognizable instant-cacao labels in the world.

Meaning and history

Nesquik Logo history

1948 – 1974

Nesquik Logo 1948

The earliest Nesquik logo reflected the product’s original name. On the top, you could see the word “Nestlé’s” in brown. There was the iconic “N” with the extended top end, which can be seen in the current Nestlé logo but actually was not present there in 1948 (it appeared only in 1984).

The word “Quik” in dark blue could be seen below. It featured a dynamic type inspired by handwriting. the “k” had an extended bottom right end, which provided a casual (“quick”) touch. The diagonal orientation of the wordmark only reinforced this impression.

1974 – 1983

Nesquik Logo 1974

The product’s popularity was growing, and it did not need the parent brand to be promoted anymore. As a result, the role of the “Nestle” part of the logo grew smaller, while “Quik” moved on the forefront.

The word “Nestle” now featured the same blue color as the “Quik.” The handwriting influence became less obvious, as did the casual effect. Even the “k” grew slightly calmer.

1983 – 1988

Nesquik Logo 1988
In this design, they moved the ‘Quik’ part in the middle of the yellow space and made it bigger. The ‘Nestle’ bit became blue. Furthermore, they also added a picture of the flowing milk in the background.

1988 – 1998

Nesquik Logo 1988

The word “Nestle” grew red, which reflected the transformation of the parent brand’s identity.

The “Quik” logo was modified only slightly. There was a shift in the way it was tilted, and a light blue trim appeared around the letters. It added some depth and made the design lighter, happier.

1998 – 2002

Nesquik Logo 1998
The name “Nesquik” started to be used worldwide. The name of the parent company remained part of the Nesquik logo. It was still red but now grew a little smaller.

The blue color and casual style of the main part of the design were preserved. However, the links between the letters disappeared. The glyphs grew less rounded, which was necessary to make the wordmark more compact.

The “Q” remained capitalized so that the consumers have enough time to get used to the updated name of the product.

2002 – 2016

Nesquik Logo 2002

The “q” was eventually lowercased, which made the wordmark smoother. The letters grew somewhat lighter and adopted white highlights, due to which the logo got more depth.

2016 – Today (International), 2018 (debut in North America)

Nesquik logo

The word “Nestle” became blue again. The type of the word “Nesquik” was a new one. It was softer, more rounded, although still compact. The letters, except the initial, grew lower. A playful drop replaced the ellipse above the “i.”

Also, the shade of blue grew somewhat warmer, and a gradient was introduced.

2020 – Today (bottles)

Nesquik Logo 2020
This design uses the same words as the predecessor, except without all the lighting and shading. Plus, they are darker, not skewed and aligned centrally one beneath the other.