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Krusovice is one of the oldest Czech breweries, which was founded at the beginning of the 1580s. There are eight different kinds of beer produced under this brand, and they all are well-known across the globe. The brand is owned by Heineken since 2007.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Royal Brewery has always been based on the principles of traditionalism and elegance. The badge, which has not that many graphical elements, looks confident and sleek, and its color palette evokes a sense of confidence and high quality.

The Krusovice logo is composed of a scarlet red banner in a gold and white outline, with a golden crown above it. The crown is a tribute to the acquisition of the brewery by Emperor Rudolf the Second in the middle of the 1580s.

Krusovice Logo

The year of the company’s establishment, 1581, is written around the crown in gold or black, depending on the placement. The wordmark in white bold letters with a black outline is placed on the red banner. The inscription in all capitals has its first letter enlarged and is executed in an elegant serif font with sharp and delicate serifs, which pointed ends add a sense of sophistication and luxury.

Under the white nameplate, there is another lettering placed — “Karlovsky Pivovar” in gold with a black shadow is written in all capitals of the traditional sans-serif typeface.

The red, gold, and white color palette with black accents represent the passion and power of the legendary brand and celebrated its royal history, evoking a sense of exclusiveness and the highest quality possible.

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