Nescafe Logo

Nescafe Logo
The earliest Nescafe logo, which was introduced in 1938, looked very much like the current one. The wordmark featuring the recognizable “N” character has been familiar to consumers from different parts of the globe for 80 years.

Meaning and history

Nescafe logo history

The first version of the logo featured a brown-and-beige color palette, reminiscent of the color of the beverage itself. The modifications that took place in 1953, 1968, 1984, 1998, and 2014 applied mostly to the type and color scheme, while the overall looks didn’t change much.
The last time the Nescafe logo has been modified was in 2014. That was a part of a marketing campaign that also included a new version of the legendary red mug and a so-called hub (an aerial view of a mug). The campaign had the purpose of gaining more Nescafe fans among the younger crowd, especially among people in their teens who still have not chosen their favorite coffee brand.

Who designed the 2014 symbol?

The 2014 Nescafe symbol was developed by Publicis, CBA, and OgilvyOne (Frankfurt). The French advertising and public relations company Publicis is the world’s oldest and largest one (by revenue). OgilvyOne Worldwide has 112 offices in 40 countries, while CBA has 13 local offices in different parts of the world, from Paris to New York and Mexico.


Font of the Nescafe Logo
In the 2014 version, the serif font has been replaced by a more rounded sans serif one. Almost every character has undergone certain changes. Although they might be not instantly noticeable with the naked eye, you may seem them clearly the moment you take a closer look at both versions and compare them.
The most remarkable change has been introduced to the accent above the last character. Also, both the “E” letters have been modified to resemble a mug’s handle.


Color of the Nescafe Logo
The Nescafe emblem has been using the red-and-white color scheme since 1998. Alternatively, the wordmark may feature a combination of red and black, red and white, or red, black, and white.

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