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Tech Data is a US-based distribution company focusing on IT products and services. It has over 14,000 employees worldwide and serves over one hundred countries. It was included in Fortune’s list “World’s Most Admired Companies” for ten consecutive years. The company was established in Clearwater, Florida, by Edward C. Raymund in the fall of 1974.

Meaning and history

Tech Data Logo history
The Tech Data logo hasn’t changed much over the last couple of decades. It has been important for the brand to preserve its loyal customer base, so they didn’t dare to change it completely. Yet, slight alterations were introduced to make the design look more modern and refined.

1974 – 2015

Tech Data Logo 1974
The centerpiece of both the old logo and the newer one is the unique “TD” monogram. The letters merge with each other forming a single glyph. In fact, it looks more like a symbol or an emblem rather than an abbreviated name of the brand. We wouldn’t be able to decipher the meaning behind this symbol unless we already knew the name of the brand.

So, while the symbol makes the logo unique and recognizable, it hardly adds any meaning.

That’s why the designers who worked on the project added the name of the brand to the left of the “TD” monogram. They opted for an italicized typeface with subtle serifs. The shape of the serifs looks unusual, which also adds an unexpected touch. Both the serifs and the main body of the letters also appear elegant due to the variations in the thickness of the strokes.

In the full version of the logo, there is the word “Corporation” in very small white letters. It is hardly visible because of its size. In the truncated version, which was used more often, there is only the lettering “Tech Data.”

While such typography creates an original style, it is doubtful whether it fits the image of the company as a modern brand that blazes a trail for other businesses to follow. After all, those soft rounded elements look somewhat old-fashioned.

2015 – Today

Tech Data Logo

In spite of the fact that the alterations implemented to the Tech Data logo were rather subtle, the overall style has improved. The update resulted in a lighter and more dynamic design.

To begin with, the dark blue rectangular disappeared. With it, the logo lost much of its weight, and this already added a lot of breathing space. There is more motion in the “TD” monogram because it is tilted.

The glyphs in the name of the brand were simplified. Take, for instance, the initial “T” – all the three serifs were gone, and a clean sans serif glyph emerged. Many ends of the glyphs that used to have an elegant thin serif or curve are now simple rectangles.

What is Tech Data Corporation
Tech Data Corporation has been known among the largest distributors of technology products, services, and solutions in the world. The company is based in Clearwater, Florida, US. It was ranked No. 90 on the Fortune 500 list in 2021.

Having said that, we should also mention that some of the characteristic serifs were preserved. Take the top of the “h” and “d” or the “t.” Interestingly, the designers decided to concentrate the unique elements at the top part of the wordmark. They wanted them to be more eye-catching, whereas the main body of the letters is more minimalist and utilitarian.

In this way, they made the typography unique but avoided excessive visual noise.


In terms of the palette, the designers decided to play safe. They chose blue, which is a neutral and unobtrusive color. On the downside, it is used very often and, because of this, can hardly create a truly memorable and powerful image. The designers assumed that the unique “TD” monogram and typography is enough to make the Tech Data logo stand out among competitors.

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