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In this article, we will trace the history of the logo of the Martin Marietta brand irrespective of the status the brand had at a given period of time.

Meaning and history

Martin Marietta Logo history


Martin Marietta Logo-1965

The company was founded as a result of the merger of Glenn L. Martin Company and American-Marietta Corporation.

The original Martin Marietta logo featured the lettering “Marting Marietta” in an italicized sans. The writing in white was placed inside a black rectangle.



Martin Marietta Logo-1995

Marting Marietta merged with Lockheed Corporation. The new company adopted the name Lockheed Martin and developed an independent brand identity.

However, Lockheed Martin spun off Martin Marietta Inc. as a separate company, due to which it has had the right for its own logo. It featured a large “M” (or even double “M”), which also looked like the hills. The left end of the letter was extended and formed a horizontal line, above which the lettering “Martin Marietta Materials” could be seen.


Martin Marietta Logo

The double “M” moved to the right. The two letters became bold and were colored in different colors, gray and blue. Also, the smaller “M” at the forefront shifted a little to the right, which only reinforced the resemblance with the hills.

Martin Marietta Emblem

The two words of the Martin Marietta logo featured the types of different weights.