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Nemiroff is Ukrainian high-quality vodka brand, established in 1992 as one of the first enterprises in the country with foreign investments in the production of vodka. Nemiroff is ranked 3 among all vodka brands in the Duty-Free Category.

Meaning and history

Nemiroff Logo history


Nemiroff Logo old

The previous Nemiroff logo was a bright red wordmark with a red hot pepper icon above it. And the first Nemiroff product that became popular worldwide was its Hot Pepper infused Vodka.


Nemiroff logo

The Nemiroff logo reflects masculinity and confidence. Its strict gray, black and white color palette symbolizes brave spirit and strong iron will.

The new logo design pays tribute to the brand’s history and tradition and features a wing icon, which symbolizes freedom.

Nemiroff calls itself “ a brand with soul and history” and it’s visible in every detail of its logo. Bold typeface, strict simple lines, yet very sentimental meaning of the wing image.