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Nardi is an Italian brand of outdoor furniture, a leading company in the global outdoor living industry. Founded in 1990s, Nardi is being an ambassador of Italian style across the globe.

Meaning and history

Nardi Logo

The Nardi logo is stylish and minimalistic. It consists of a wordmark with “Your outdoor living” tagline.

The black color of the logo alongside clean and strict lines of its typeface creates a quality representation of the brand’s values and principles.

Modern and simple approach to the Nardi logo symbolizes the brand looking forward, yet not forgetting their roots. Bold all-caps typeface is classic and contemporary at the same time. The lettering looks very intense despite the fact it’s just one color and no images in the logo at all.

The Nardi logo reflects the brand’s growth and quality in creation of next-generation products. As the company representative says: “We’ve chosen a logo that represents what we were, what we are and what we are planning to become”.