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Invitro is the hugest medical company in Russia, which was organized in 1995 in Moscow and today has its subsidiary offices all over the country, as well as in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Invitro is privately-owned and managed. The company specializes in medical examinations of all levels of difficulty and is trusted by millions of clients.

Meaning and history

The Invitro visual identity is laconic and simple, it doesn’t distract from the company’s essence and mission — healthcare. The text-based logo is built in the principle of simple shapes and bright colors, which helps the brand to stand out in the list of the competitors, at the same time evoking a sense of professionalism and stability.

The color palette of the clinics’ logo is composed of turquoise and white, which is a bright and friendly color combination, that evokes a happy and kind feeling. The turquoise color symbolizes energy and balance, represents loyalty, reliability and pure intentions of the company.

Logo Invitro


The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a strong and strict sans-serif typeface, which is very close to TT Commons Bold Italic, with the letter “R” modified. TT Commons is a geometric sans-serif font, which was designed by the TypeType agency in 2018 in Russia.

The clean and neat lines of the clinics’ name’s inscription look professional and reliable, and the letter’s inclination symbolizes the progressive and innovative approach of Russia’s largest private medical company.


Invitro delivers a high class of medical assistance in Russia and five more nations, including Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The company serves over 15 million patients per year in their 1400 medical offices. The company also has eight huge laboratories in four countries, which run almost 80 million tests annually.

Invitro Logo

The range of medical tests performed by the group includes hematological and general clinical tests, hemostasis studies, biochemical blood tests, parasites diagnosis, and many others. In the Invitro clinics, you can also undergo x-ray and ultrasound examinations and get an interview with a specialist.

Besides medical tests and services, the company also offers water and soil examination services, provides inspection services for automobile drivers, clinical trial services for medical devices and inspection of the sanitary and epidemiological level of premises.

Invitro was rewarded for the quality of its services by the Government of Russia and won the title of “Brand No. 1 in Russia” twice.

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