MSN Logo

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MSN Logo
The MSN (The Microsoft Network) is a web service presenting a collection of IT services and applications for Windows and mobile devices. The portal was founded in 1995.

Meaning and history

MSN Logo history

Today’s MSN logo is not what it was upon the company’s inception. Since 1995, the MSN has changed its logo several times. Most of the logo versions featured a butterfly.

Old logo

Old MSN logo
The earliest MSN logo was in use since 1995 until 1998. It was a long light-green horizontal quadrangle with the ‘welcome to MSN’ written inside. The ‘MSN’ part featured a bold red lowercase ‘N’. The next logo existed from 1998 until 2000. It was a diagonally placed red oval with a lowercase white ‘MSN’ over it and ‘Microsoft’ written next to it in much smaller letters. The next logo featured a butterfly insignia with colored wings, and the ‘MSN’ acronym written in bold blue letters. In 2010, the logo was modified: a thinner typerface was chosen, and the butterfly’s wings had a rounder shape. This version was in use until 2014.

New logo

New MSN logo
In 2014, the MSN logo changed its shape to a more minimalistic one: the butterfly and the acronym have turned black.


Symbol MSN
The butterfly, which has followed all MSN logo versions since 2000, is a symbol of freedom, joy, and love.


Emblem MSN
The new logo changed as dramatically as did the website. This MSN logo version appears on all new MSN products.


Font MSN Logo
The MSN logo uses a font from the san serif family.


Color MSN Logo
The logo is entirely black. This color symbolizes excellence and integrity.