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Chatroulette is the name of an online video chat portal, which was created in 2009 by a Russian schoolboy. The main idea of the service is to video-talk to random users from all over the world. The chat was extremely popular in its first years and got its second birth in 2020.

Meaning and history

Chatroulette Logo history

Today Chatroulette is more known as a dating portal, or even the one, where you could get some x-rated webcam content. So no wonder the visual identity of the website is based on a combination of pink and blue, masculine and feminine, a commonly known palette for most dating apps.


Chatroulette Logo old
The Chatroulette logo is composed of two parts, a laconic yet meaningful emblem, and a logotype in pink and blue, placed on the right from the image. The lettering is set in the lowercase of an extra-bold sans-serif typeface with massive letters, slightly flattened tips, and straight cuts of the ends. The “Chat” part is set in gradient sky-blue shades, while the “roulette” uses gradient pink for its letters.

As for the emblem, it features clean contours of a rounded dialogue bubble, also in two colors, blue for the top part, and pink for the bottom. The blue part of the frame is connected to the sharp blue triangle, placed in the upper part of the emblem.

The whole composition is usually placed on a gradient dark blue background, decorated with muted emblems in a lighter shade. The logotype has a lightweight tagline, placed under its right part. The line says “New friends on shuffle” and is written in the lowercase of an elegant sans-serif typeface, in thin white lines.


Chatroulette logo

The current Chatroulette badge is completely different from the original version. The new logo is set in a strict and minimalistic color palette, composed of black and white, with the simple emblem placed above the lowercase logotype in a rounded serif font. The Chatroulette emblem is a circle in a thin black outline, vertically divided into black and white halves, with the white “C” written across the black half-circle, and the black “R” — on the white part.

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