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Monsanto is the name of a ceased agricultural company that operates in the United States from 1901 until 2018. The company specialized in biotechnology and bioengineering in the agricultural segment and was bought by German giant Bayer in 2018.

Meaning and history

Monsanto Logo history

What is Monsanto?
Monsanto is the name of a former agricultural corporation, which specialized in biotechnology until 2018, and then was acquired by Bauer, a famous German pharmaceutical group.

195? – 2003

Monsanto Logo-195_

The initial Monsanto logo had nothing in common with the light and friendly badge from 2003. It was a solid and powerful monochrome emblem with the white narrowed sans-serif “Monsanto” inscription in the title case placed over the enlarged massive letter “M” in plain black. The “M” featured its upper bars cut and flat, while the middle bar was sharp and pointed down like an arrow.

2003 – 2018

Monsanto Logo

The American corporation has a very memorable and lively logo, evoking a sense of unity with nature and kindness. The logo was composed of a traditional and modes wordmark and a playful bright emblem on its right.

The logotype in all capitals was executed in a classy serif typeface with distinct lines and pretty big serifs. The font looks similar to Erasmus RR Medium Expert and Carrie Pro Medium, which are traditional typefaces, with an old school mood.

The calm forest-green color of the wordmark is also used for one of the emblem’s elements — a green branch, which is placed vertically and enclosed in a bold orange frame. The frame looks uneven and amateurish as if I Alt was drawn by a kid, and this is what makes the whole logo unique and evokes a very warm and friendly feeling.

The green and orange colors of the Monsanto logo is a representation of unity with nature and Earth, as well as growth and togetherness. Placed on a white background it also reflects loyalty and trustworthiness, and the orange framing symbolizes passion and energy along with happiness and smiles.

The Monsanto logo is unique and instantly recognizable. The childish contours and classic font are in total harmony here, which is a very rare thing. Truly, a masterpiece of contemporary visual identity design: simple, laconic, elegant.

Font and Color

The elegant uppercase lettering from the primary Monsanto badge was set in a bold and classy serif font with stable characters and delicate serifs on the end of the bars. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Caslon SB Regular SC, or Miranda Pro Bold, but with some minor modifications of the contours.

As for the color palette of the Monsanto visual identity, it is based on two dark shades of green and orange, the colors of nature, growth, and energy, with all elements placed against a white background for lightness andbetter readability.